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Solo 401(k) Webinar Recordings

John and Dorsie will give a thorough presentation of the Solo 401k starting with the basics and quickly progressing to advanced strategies you can’t find anywhere else. Generous Q & A time will allow listeners the opportunity to get their questions answered from the pros, and sessions will be recorded so that you can follow along on your own schedule.

Hard Money Webinar Recordings – 2024

This class will deal mainly with loans made to other investors and businesses using real estate as collateral. You’ll learn how to make money like the banks while avoiding all the hassle and mistakes made by most lenders. You’ll learn how to earn huge returns and what common mistakes to avoid. Homeowner loans will also be discussed along the way to point out the many consumer protection laws that make homeowner loans less desirable than in the past.

Trust Concepts Webinar Recordings – April 2022

Dyches Boddiford is a full-time real estate investor that uses Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts on a regular basis. In this class, Dyches will discuss practical, everyday techniques to help bulletproof your assets as well as utilizing advanced strategies. You will gain insights in methods others can use to separate you from your hard earned dollars and assets, then how to legally and structurally protect yourself.