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Online Access Begins April 24, 2024


Six weeks of access to pre-recorded video content to follow along at your own pace.

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Earn Passive Income by Lending to Other Investors…

Let them do the “dirty work” while you earn the easy money!

You’ll learn how to make money like the banks while avoiding all the hassle and mistakes made by most lenders. You’ll learn how to earn huge returns and what common mistakes to avoid.

This class is for the individual investor that just wants to do the occasional hard money loan OR for those that want to start their own hard money lending company.

The class will deal mainly with loans made to other investors and businesses using real estate as collateral. Homeowner loans will also be discussed along the way to point out the many consumer protection laws that make homeowner loans less desirable than in the past.

Learn how to become a private lender with Dyches Boddiford. Dyches is a full-time investor who has been buying mortgages and making private loans since the early 1980’s. Dyches draws upon his unique experiences to bring you a level of education you cannot find anywhere else.

You’ll learn…

  • Evaluating the property—properly done, you will never be worried about a loan.
  • Evaluating the borrower. As asset-based lenders, we shouldn’t be concerned with the borrower, right? Well, there are a couple of things we should check or you may be sorry.
  • What do you do when a borrower wants an extension? Can you charge an extension fee?


“This is the one class that is indispensable. I have attended multiple times and each time it proves more valuable; each time I learn more that I immediately apply to my lending practice. This is a solid, in-depth training class that leaves nothing out. In fact, it offers more information than you can absorb in a weekend. Anyone, at any level of lending, not only should, but needs to attend this class, not once, but several times. I do.”

– Previous Attendee

  • How much can you charge in late fees and how soon?
  • What wording you need in the prepayment penalty clause to allow a prepayment penalty no matter what, even at foreclosure?
  • When do you have to give a default notice and the right to cure (and when do you not)?
  • Who must get a truth-in-lending statement and who doesn’t? What are the penalties if you don’t comply?
  • Do you know how much normal attorney’s fees are for a foreclosure? 15% in most states right? Not necessarily, it could be much less if you don’t have the right language.
  • How do you maintain records of payments received and how do you calculate pay-offs (an improper pay-off amount just cost a lender $7,000 to settle!).
  • How to deal with Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcies. And how to try to avoid them in the first place.
  • What is “usury” and how do you calculate it?
  • How to use your IRA or 401k to make loans and the proper way to title the public documents. If they aren’t done properly, you may not be able to foreclose!
  • How to handle and track loans, step-by-step. How 1098’s are handled.
  • Licensing requirements and how to avoid them.
  • How to deal with Corporations, LLCs, and Land Trusts as borrowers.
  • Avoiding consumer loans– How HOEPA (Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act), also known as Section 32, RESPA and Predatory Lending Acts affect you and your loans.
  • What’s the penalty if you don’t comply?
  • How EPA and the state environmental agencies figure into your loans.
  • Why loan-to-value has little meaning, you should look at investment-to-value.
  • How a DUE ON SALE clause can make you money. (No, not just the way you think.)


“If you are thinking about getting into the hard money lending business, this is a must-attend class. To steal a line from Dyches, “Anybody can make a loan, the trick is making good loans” and Dyches teaches you how to make good loans.

I’ve been to the class the past three years and plan on attending again this year. I even paid for my attorney to attend last year. The class is just that good! Dyches does an excellent job teaching the ins and outs of the hard money lending business and the course manual has been invaluable in my day to day operations.

In addition, Dyches has been most generous with his time in answering my questions during the class.”

Wade Munday – PeachStone Capital, Inc. www.peachstonecapital.com

  • Difference between a balloon and a call and which is better.
  • Credit Line and Equity Participation Loans structured for Investors (and how to avoid low returns).
  • Adding “Money Stretchers” to loans.
  • Using “Must Takes” to get rid of dog properties you may have.
  • Why you should never make phone calls to debtors.
  • Why you should never let debtors send their payments to your home.
  • The Closing Protection Letter and why it is important to you as a lender.
  • Bridge, building & construction loans up to 5% per month in some states – well secured!
  • Split-Capitalization & Partnering Loan programs designed for a tight real estate market! (You and your borrowers will love these!)


I made an additional $16,500 on my next deal by now knowing what to do with a defaulted balloon payment. Knowledge is everything in this business.”

Pete Topken, Greensboro, GA.

  • Alternatives to escrows – keeping it simple and making money at the same time.
  • The attorney gets all the attorney fees at foreclosure, right? Not necessarily, you can participate if you know how.
  • Partnering on deals/split funding/using WRAPs.
  • Other ways to structure funding that can generate even greater returns.

Plus – You will be provided with all our latest documents and checklists. The value of these documents and clauses alone will return you the cost of the seminar many times over.

Hear what others had to say about Dyches’ Hard Money Lending course:

“This was the best class I’ve taken on real estate investing. The instructors were incredible and I would recommend it to anyone.” – Bob Copeland (Atlanta, GA)

“If I had taken the class before writing the mortgages, my monthly cash flow would have been greater. Best class I have taken in terms of necessary info for my business.”– Anonymous (Houston, TX)

“Attending for a second time was well worth the money. It reinforced many areas covered first time through.”– AWH (Fayetteville, GA)

Secure your seat today! You won’t want to miss out on this great event!

Online Only

This course is being presented as an online class with a physical manual mailed to registrants ahead of time.

Access to the online course content will begin April 24th and run until June 10th. Online access includes video discussion from Dyches Boddiford as he expands on the material in the printed manual.  

Included with your registration:

  • A comprehensive 300+ page physical manual shipped to you a few days before the class begins
  • Online class presented over several days totaling 10-12 hours of instruction
  • Video recordings of Dyches Boddiford as he guides and expands upon the printed material 
  • Full set of electronic Loan Documents including an extensive collection of forms, clauses, etc.
  • BONUS!  Pre-recorded videos from prior years’ FAQ 


This event has sold out in the past. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

As with all of my seminars and books, I personally GUARANTEE this event. If at any time during the seminar, you do not feel you have received information worth many times the price of the program, just turn in your materials for a no hassle refund!