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Land Trust and Personal Property Trusts

Online beginning April 19th, 2022

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This home study course consists of a 180+ page combined manual and a USB flash drive with hours of audio files covering the material plus electronic forms and documents.



The casual use of Land Trust has come back to bite several Real Estate Investors… simply because they were not educated on their proper use. Don’t let that be you…

Should you be using Land Trusts? How about Personal Property Trusts? If so, when and how? Is the Land Trust the be-all and end-all entity for asset protection? When does the Land Trust file an Income Tax Return? Dyches Boddiford will guide you through the legal and tax aspects of Land Trusts and other kinds of trusts—what they really do for you and what they will not do. For some this may well be a reality check!

How does the Land Trust fit into your current investment strategy? How about the Personal Property Trust?

Discover how to add clauses that can strengthen your trust and much more…

Just read what you’ll learn by the end of the class…

  • Land Trust & Personal Property Trust Basics
  • Relationship of Players
  • Picking a Trustee
  • Trust Stacking strategies
  • Maintaining Privacy
  • When & How to use Co-Trustees
  • Who REALLY holds title and Why
  • Trustee and fiduciary issues
  • Deeds into Land Trust
  • Successor/Contingent Beneficiaries
  • Adding Estate Planning to Trusts
  • Picking a Trustee
  • Changing Trustees…PROPERLY!
  • Transfer, Property & Income Taxes
  • When a trust can owe taxes — Complex & Simple trusts
  • Using Land Trusts in a 1031 Exchange
  • Liability issues
  • Types of beneficiaries
  • The importance of Beneficiary Agreements
  • Grantor & non-Grantor trusts and why it makes a difference
  • Concepts of Legal & Equitable title and why they are important
  • Proper use of Directors
  • Funding the Land Trust properly
  • How to avoid revealing the Trust documents
  • Land Trusts & the Due-on-Sale clause—the real story
  • Interesting & powerful clauses and variations
  • And much more…

Learn the PRACTICAL approach to the Land Trust & Personal Property Trusts!

Dyches Boddiford is a full-time real estate investor that uses Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts on a regular basis. In this class, Dyches will discuss practical, everyday techniques to help bulletproof your assets as well as utilize advanced strategies. You will gain insights into methods others can use to separate you from your hard-earned dollars and assets, then how to legally and structurally protect yourself.


Class materials contain ALL the documents you should ever need to properly document and use both the Land Trust and Personal Property Trust. You don’t need to buy anything else to get all the information you need! These are the same documents Dyches himself uses every day. This is not just theory and legal concepts, but real-world-tested techniques and strategies.

We will cover the most common mistakes investors make using the Land Trust based on years of experience. We will show you how to easily avoid these crucial mistakes!

Even if you have been using Land Trusts for years, this class will be of value since we will also discuss particular clauses that can strengthen your trust—but they should only be used by an informed investor. And you will be an informed investor after this class.

We will cover practical, everyday techniques you can use to help bulletproof your assets as well as advanced strategies for use when you are ready. You will gain insights on methods others can use to separate you from your hard-earned dollars and assets, then how to legally protect yourself.

“Dyches is the most informed person about trust since Jack Miller. I would recommend him to everyone who is interested in trusts.”

Jerry Ballard – Grand Ledge, MI

You’ll also learn Step-by-step Approaches to using Land Trusts in different kinds of deals, here are a few:

  • All Cash
  • Subject-to
  • Conventional financing
  • Owner financing
  • Buying at foreclosure
  • Buying/Selling on a Land Contract
  • Leasing & Lease-Options
  • Refinancing
  • And more!

Some investors may think we are crazy to divulge this information. But it is important to understand how this can be done so that you can protect yourself by documenting and dealing with the trust appropriately day-to-day. We will also discuss ways to keep your Trustee honest.

Even if you are an experienced investor who has used Land Trusts and Personal Property Trusts for years, you will leave this class understanding exactly why you are doing what you do AND additional techniques you may never have thought of.

You will learn how stacking entities can give you additional asset protection and tax benefits. This includes personal property trusts, corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships. In line with his practical approach to trusts, Dyches will discuss when you should use such stacking techniques and when to keep it simple.

One strategy DOES NOT fit all! Never did, never will…

From Dyches: “Why am I teaching this course and how is it different from others? I resisted teaching on the subject for years because several other people do teach this topic. But I see investors who believe this is the only protection they need and then improperly use the trusts. So, I decided to put together a course that starts with the basics, not just how, but why. The course then moves to intermediate and touches on advanced strategies as well.“

Once you complete this course, you too will be able to use the Land Trust and Personal Property Trust to gain privacy and protect your assets as well.

“I felt very confident after the class that I can put your information to good use in my investments. Well thought out manual and always available to answer student questions during, between breaks and after class – well done! ”
Rick Sass -Bonita Springs, FL

This seminar will introduce you to the fascinating world of Trust Law – one of the least understood and under-utilized ways to control real estate and protect your assets. This course with its complete course manual will show you how to draw up your own asset protection Trusts yourself, as well as how to build in those special protective features designed specifically to meet your real estate and business needs when all else fails.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start understanding and implementing this invaluable information. Register Today and Guarantee Your Seat!

“When I walked in the room and saw who was attending I knew I had made the right decision. Experts, teachers and very experienced investors had traveled long distances to hear Dyches. Plus many of the more active investors were there. And… Dyches delivered! He kept asking the few attorneys in the room if they agreed with different topics and they were nodding their heads yes.”
Alan Honda -Fairfax, CA

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Hear what others who took the Trust Concepts course had to say:

“Good Material. Good Value. Good Book. Good Course. A very good course if you want to learn about trusts and real estate with excellent documentation.” – George Morrissey (Las Vegas, NV)

“Exceedingly well organized, content very thorough, manual an excellent reference for working with Land Trusts. Dyches knows his subject from years of working with it and is an entertaining speaker. Despite the deep subject material, Dyches makes it fun to listen to! I hope to attend more of your classes.” – Marsha Hayes Walker (San Francisco, CA)

“Best class hands down on Land Trusts & APPLICATION OF CONCEPTS!” – Tom Tran (San Jose, CA)

“You may not have assets right now but as you add assets to your estate, it is beneficial to know how to do so correctly and from the start. For elders who have adult children who are incapable of managing their own money, they can benefit through spend thrift trusts, adding debt so family members cannot hurt themselves, controlling assets to pass on to grandchildren and other personally estate planning.” -Hannah Fliegel (Corte Madera, CA)

“Incredible source of knowledge and leading national expert in the area of land and personal trusts. “ – Andy (Fort Collins, CO)

“Dyches is one of the best speakers/instructors that I have ever had the great fortune to see in action. He is extremely knowledgeable and willing to tackle any question or query that comes his way during the class. He knows the material and subject matter extremely well and his passion for helping others comes through clearly in his classes. I always learn something of great value from his classes and look for opportunities where I can join him again.” -Gordon Diddens (San Martin, CA)

Secure your seat today! Space is VERY limited– you won’t want to miss out on this great event!

Online Only

This course is being presented as an online class.

To provide as much flexibility as possible to our participants, we are recording the Trust Concepts sessions ahead of the event and releasing 2 to 3 hours of content every few days. Sessions can be viewed at any time after they are posted. Each of the 3 weeks will have a LIVE Q&A session on Thursday evening at 8:00 pm Eastern time where both emailed questions and those during the Q&A session are answered. The Q&A will also be recorded and made available the next day. All sessions including the Q&A’s will be available for a month or so after the class.

Included with your registration:

  • A physical manual shipped to you a few days before the class begins
  • Online class presented over several days totaling 10-12 hours of instruction
  • Video recordings of all sessions available to you during the class and for a month or so afterwards
  • Full set of electronic Trust Documents including an extensive collection of forms, clauses, etc.
  • Invitation to join live Q & A video sessions (recordings of these sessions will also be available afterwards)



100% Money Back Guarantee

As with all of my seminars and books, I personally GUARANTEE this event. If at any time during the seminar, you do not feel you have received information worth many times the price of the program, just turn in your materials for a no hassle refund!

“Dyches, I can’t make it to this class but I NEED this information!”

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This home study course consists of a 180+ page combined manual and a USB flash drive with hours of audio files covering the material plus electronic forms and documents.