Dyches Boddiford  & Pete Fortunato Present

Wealth Building Using Self-Directed IRA’s

March 2 & 3, 2019 – Atlanta, GA

>>> LEARN What the Lawyers & Custodians WON’T tell you! <<<

Theory and practice come together for one dynamic weekend. Just think of how much you could make if you could invest your retirement plan or those of others in an investment you already understand. For most of us, that is real estate and notes in our own local markets. Well, properly structured, you can. We have been doing it for years. This weekend is an opportunity to learn how to super-charge your IRA with returns of 12%, 15%, 25%, 50% and higher! You will learn nice and steady, as well as very aggressive, techniques for growth. AND, we will cover how to use others’ IRAs to give you profits now to put in your pocket!

Peter and Dyches will join forces in what promises to be a lively conference on self-directed IRA investments. Pete will present case studies and will walk you through, step-by-step, exactly how the transaction would be crafted and the results. He will also suggest scenarios to watch for that can boost your returns significantly.

Dyches will take you through the technical issues in layman terms, as well as sharing some of his own IRA experiences. He and Pete will analyze some actual transactions and show you the different ways they could have been done to gain different advantages or results.

Though the discussion will be mainly concerning using your IRA and the IRAs of others to invest in real estate in your own locality, other investments could be used as well. For instance, one former student uses his IRA to fund a rental program for commercial dumpsters. He routinely gets a 40%+ return on his invested capital! Think out of the box. Is there an investment that you are aware of that can provide exceptional returns? Bring your ideas and we will discuss them.

***NOTE: The manual for this class will only be available to class attendees and not for sale afterwards.

Just a few of the topics that will be covered –

  • Using Other People’s IRAs for your deals to put profits in your pocket NOW
  • Investing in real estate and notes
  • Making loans from your IRA
  • Buying options with your IRA
  • Taking advantage of the change in conversion rules
  • Using IRA Asset Management Trusts and sub-trusts with IRAs
  • Persons and entities that cannot deal with your IRA
  • Avoiding prohibited transactions that could cost over 150% of the investment in penalties!
  • How to make sure your lower valuations stand up to IRS scrutiny when converting to a Roth IRA…
  • Get retirement income before you reach age 59½ without penalty!…
  • Custodians that allow IRAs to invest in real estate
  • Advantages & Disadvantages of the Roth 401(k)
  • Why Roth IRAs are for everyone! (you only thought you understood them)
  • The S-t-r-e-t-c-h IRA – strategic use of the ROTH IRA for estate planning over multiple generations (you don’t want to miss this one!)…
  • IRA Beneficiary Trusts
  • Making your kids millionaires with their own IRAs
  • Using SEP-IRAs to sock away 25% of your income
  • Prohibited transactions & disqualified parties
  • SIMPLE Retirement Plan(s) & when to use them

…and much, much more!

The best time to start making your pension plan grow was yesterday. The next best time is TODAY! Build your own “bank” & enjoy your privacy while you do it.

Make others’ IRAs a Virtual Bank for YOU to borrow!

A true Self-Directed IRA (Individual Retirement Account) will allow you to invest in almost any prudent investment including real estate, notes and options. This weekend course will show you how powerful self-directed IRAs can be. And we won’t just tell you, we will show you techniques that can make your IRA a virtual bank.

So how do you get wealthy putting away only $5,000 a year? It is not the contribution that does it, it is how you invest it. Properly invested, even small amounts can grow considerably. I will show you one example where I invested just $1,000 in a piece of real estate that returned $6,149.32 in just over six months. That is over a 1000% annualized return! It’s so simple, you will wonder why you haven’t been doing it all along. You may think this is a very high return, but we will show you other ways to get even higher returns, safe and secure. The secret is knowledge.

Also, we will show you how to can put away up to 25% of your earned income from your own business each year into a SEP-IRA. For those who have only passive income, such as rental property, we will show you how to make just a small portion of your income active for a while so you beneficial. The media has concentrated on your current tax bracket and when you retire to determine whether the Roth can contribute to a SIMPLE-IRA for seed money. Using this method, you can sock away up to $14,345.00 on just $11,500.00 of active income. It doesn’t take much.

Still work for someone else? We will cover how to move pension plan money from an ex-employer to your own self-directed IRA plan. Properly done, these funds can be later moved to a pension plan you create for your own corporation where you hold the checkbook . . . and can even make loans to yourself! However, by the end of the class, we believe you will see how much more powerful the Roth IRA is.

Are you looking for Tax-Free Wealth?

You will find the discussion of the Roth IRAs to be very beneficial. The media has concentrated on your tax bracket currently and when you retire to determine whether the Roth IRA will be good for you. However, we will show you why…

EVERY Real Estate Investor should have a Roth IRA for TAX FREE WEALTH!

From estate planning to legally getting out of the tax system, a Roth IRA makes sense. Talk about privacy, you won’t even have to fill out a tax return when you start withdrawing the money!

Just knowing the rules of the game is not enough. To take advantage of these self-directed plans, you have to be able to…

  • recognize opportunities to invest profitably,
  • use due diligence is selecting your investments,
  • assure the proper paperwork is executed to protect your investment, and
  • be sure moneys are collected promptly.

That’s where Pete comes in. Pete will relate his real-life transaction experiences, good and bad. You will gain insights into how he structures transactions. You will see that there are several ways each deal could have been done.


One of the problems with investing your pension funds is that you can’t self-deal. This is where Financial Friends come into play. That’s why we are also planning some time early Saturday evening for you to network with other attendees.

See what kind of deals are being done in other parts of the country . . . and you may even find someone with whom you can work a deal.


Everyone should have a plan for his or her financial life. In the beginning, you must do things that generate adequate cash flow to support your lifestyle. Once that cash flow is assured, you should begin seeking investments for capital appreciation, not necessarily immediate income. After all, why pay Uncle Sam any more than you have to in taxes? At the same time, you should begin using your self-directed IRA to make investments that will grow exponentially. But it won’t happen if you don’t start.

Don’t put off learning something today that can have such a major effect on your future!

If you are serious about becoming wealthy or maintaining your wealth, you need the information presented here. Sign up today!

Conference Details

Conference begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM each day.
Registration begins 8:30 AM on Saturday.
Pre-registration ends 2-25-2019.

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Hilton Garden Inn Atlanta Airport/Millenium Center
2301 Sullivan Road College Park, Georgia 30337
Phone: (404) 766-0303

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