Wrapping for Profits: A Definitive Guide to Wrap Lending for Huge Returns


by Dorsie Boddiford Kuni

Wrap loans are attractive for the exciting returns that these loans generate for the lender. Where a standard loan might generate anywhere from a 6% to 15% return, a wrap loan can yield much higher returns— returns well over 40%, even as much as 100% for the wrap lender. And this is not an exaggeration. This manual will show you multiple real life examples of wrap loans that yielded significant returns for the investors involved.

Get in on the big deals with little dollars. Learn how to become a lender using small investments that will aggressively grow your accounts.

Topics covered in this Home Study Package include:

  • Complete Explanation of a Wrap Mortgage
  • Overview of How Normal Loans Work
  • Loan Due Diligence
  • Where to Find Your Deals, Borrowers, and Lenders
  • Wrap Language to Use in Closing Documents
  • Servicing the Wrap Loan
  • Wrapping with an IRA and Other Retirement Plans
  • Advanced Wrap Loan Concepts
  • Wrapping an Existing Mortgage and Selling on a Wrap
  • Real Life Examples of Wrap Loans
  • ..and much more!

Learn the strategy that other experienced Real Estate Investors are using to diversify their portfolio and aggressively grow their accounts!

(115 pages plus audio thumb drive)

$297.00 plus S&H